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Posted on 03 February 2004 by jose


Most of the original content of my web page has been converted. The RPG pages haven't been converted yet, as I haven't decided what I want to do with them. All pages other than this one so far are being displayed using a two column layout, as I found that there was no need for the third column for those pages.

So I converted my resume to CSS. I had to use an IE hack to get Mozilla and IE to line up my location/date info properly, and I used a ton of div tags in the HTML. Either this is a good thing or a bad thing; it seemed to be a convenient way to arrange the data, and it seems that all my reading on XML has influenced the way I do HTML (or XHTML, since my pages are technically XHTML 1.0 compliant).

Plans for the long-term

I'd really like to set up Linux on my old Windows 98 machine. I've been playing around with a SCO Unix box at work, and it really makes me want to start this little side-project up: my own we bserver. I'd like to use it to learn PHP and MySQL as a prelude to using a database to serve my pages (completely unnecessary in terms of what this web page needs, but still some useful skills to have), as well as to familiarize myself with Linux and server administration. And it might be useful for the XML experiments I've got looming on the horizon.

Plans for the short-term

My plans for the new look include converting the old content to this new CSS layout (by stripping deprecated HTML tags); the challenging part will be the RPG pages, as they use a completely different navigational style (frames, yuck...) and have several images that will have to be dealt with. I also want to convert my resume to fit in with this layout; I haven't decided whether it will be as it appears now but in between the two small columns, or if I will attempt a completely different style for web use only. Lastly, I'd like to play around with generating some of the site content using XML/XSL.

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