Server Followup

Posted on 27 November 2006 by jose


After running some extremely sophisticated tests (tried a known-good power cord, tried a known-good power supply), I determined that Pestilence needs a new power supply. I took one of my newer machines and unplugged the motherboard power connector; it was long enough to reach Pestilence's motherboard connector, giving the two PCs the look of one car giving the other a jump start. Since a new power supply is a relatively cheap part, I will not be getting the Mini-ITX fanless system I was considering as a replacement. It would have been cool: VIA C7 or thereabouts, pretty much doubling the existing processor speed and possibly doubling the existing RAM. And it would be a very quiet system, being all fanless; the greatest noise source would be the hard drive. Still, I'm pleased to continue using a PC from 1997; it's been good to me over the years, so there's some attachment there.

Not relevant to this particular post, but: why the estimated reading time? Who needs the pressure of finishing under the limit in order to avoid being self-branded as a slack-jawed mouth breather?

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