Adventures in cooking, part 2

Posted on 29 August 2007 by jose

I'm a fan of honey mustard dressing/sauce. I like it in salads, but I love it for dipping breaded bits of cooked chicken. For some reason, despite all the advantages afforded me (read: the Internet), I never bothered finding out how to make honey mustard. I instead experimented with existing honey mustard dressings, attempting to add various things to them to adjust the flavor to my preferences.

A couple of days ago, my former co-worker, David, let me in on the secret: start with roughly equal parts Dijon mustard, honey, and sour cream. Mix. Adjust ingredients to taste. I imagine if I were to actually search the Internet, I'd find even more detailed ideas. I have to imagine, because for some reason, I refuse to actually look this information up. However, I did try David's method today when improvising a salad out of mutant Canadian Romaine hearts (so described because it seems a Canadian Romaine heart is the equivalent of an American Romaine HEAD). I had a lot of Romaine in hand, and as much as I love Caesar salad, it would be embarrassing to be discovered dead of a Caesar salad overdose, seeing as that was my meal Sunday: a giant shredded Romain heart, Caesar dressing, croutons, Parmesan/Romano cheese mix, and lots of pepper, later augmented by some Porcini Mushroom tortelloni, indifferently prepared, drained, and tossed into the second salad build.

Anyway, to avoid Death by Caesar (et tu?), I washed and tore the lettuce as usual, but tossed in baby tomatoes and carrots I was inspired to buy just for this purpose, sliced some fresh mushrooms and tossed those in as well, and gave in to my carb-addiction and tossed in some croutons. While my Pork in Coke baked in the oven, reducing itself to dark meaty, syrupy goodness, I literally whipped up some Honey Mustard dressing for my salad. I aimed for sweeter, but as I got to the end of the salad, the tang of the Dijon stood out more and more. Nevertheless, I consider the first batch a tasty success, and look forward to experimenting more with the ingredients in the future. I may even break and seek out different methods online...

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