Posted on 22 March 2008 by jose

Hey, you know what's fun? WYSIWYG that isn't. Although I admire what they're trying to do, TinyMCE just isn't going to do it for me. It might be admitting defeat to simply disable it, but as I'm biased in favor of hand-written HTML, I'd rather provide Markdown- or Wiki-syntax-based editing than to keep trying WYSIWYG that won't. I remember deciding the same thing for Wordpress: the WYSIWYG there just wasn't good enough. Drupal is far smarter in the way it does filters and integrates with TinyMCE, but simple spacing is apparently too difficult for it to handle properly. And I'm not interested in debugging it.

In other news, in addition to eAccelerator, I've also installed the Block Cache module for us logged in users. Hopefully all that sidebar junk I've put in will load faster. I also installed the Devel module (ed.: it's about freaking time!), which showed me that cache_gets were taking in the 2000 ms time-range. I'm no mathematician, but that sure looks like 20 seconds to me. With eAccelerator, Drupal caching, and now block caching, that number has stayed the same, but pages are loading within 5 seconds. Still slow compared to static HTML, but hell, we can't have everything. Unless I move to VPS, I won't have access to the Apache and MySQL conf files I need for tuning. Not that I'm a tuning expert, but given some of the things I've read on drupal.org's handbook pages, there are certain tweaks I could try to make some of the queries faster.

Not that speed is that much of an issue on a small site like this one, but one has one's pride. I've also seen a nifty module called Coral Defender that would protect a bigger site from the Farks, Slashdots, and Diggs of the world, but that's not really something I need to worry about at this point.

Yes, but by disposing of WYSIWYG you punish your lazy users. And your stupid users will use very bad HTML indeed.


On the other hand, you sig works... *grin*

I think I have to look for something simpler than TinyMCE. Even though it seems to be the gold standard in web-based WYSIWYG, it doesn't play well with spacing, which makes for an ugly site. And I'm not willing to cripple my filters, because otherwise, my stupid users using bad HTML won't get that bad stuff stripped out.

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