It's been such a long time

Posted on 09 February 2011 by jose

I think I should be blogging. Yeah. Time hasn't waited for me; it's been almost a year and a half. But first, I must apologize to Tom Scholz.

Big changes in my life. Over the next few days, I hope to update on these changes. To wit: I'm now living in Alpharetta, GA. I accomplished this in two moves. The first move was from Boston to temporary lodgings in Roswell, GA. Now I'm settled into a nice little home office in a condo (with a garage!) in Alpharetta. Still trying to adjust to living down here; the weather, ironically, has helped, as it has been colder than normal, which for me equates to just plain normal.

Everything is more spread out down here, so it's not as easy to find my fellow geeks: gamers, Drupalers, WriMos, photographers, ramblers, hikers, musicians. This will improve with time; I've been to a couple of local Drupal meetups already, and I'm working on finding a friendly local geek store for comics and games and the like. I've found a place for ice skating, though I haven't found the time to go as often as I want to go. I need to figure that out soon; I miss skating, and I bought new skates before leaving Massachusetts that I really need to break in.

I like to say I brought my job down with me; I'm telecommuting, which has its own challenges, some of which I'd been warned about by colleagues. Again, it's all about making adjustments. After long labor, the Drupal project I've been working on at work is live, though not officially launched. I'm working on that last bit, but I'm pleased to be at a point where it feels done, and I'm just neatening it up for company, polishing here and there as needed.

Next time: I geek out over my phone. No, really.

yay blog!

Aren't parts of the White House page coded in Drupal?

Looking forward to your phone post!

More than just parts; is powered by Drupal. This means it runs on the same Content Management System I use to run this site. In essence, this means they get a consistent look and feel, well-structured, semantic markup underneath the covers, and a super easy way to update pages and parts of pages.

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