PAX East

Posted on 11 April 2012 by jose

I'm in Boston(-ish), workin' out o' me office fer a week after comin' up fer PAX East. I di'nae attend as many panels as I have in th' past, but made up fer it via vari'us adventures:

  • I got into a secondary session o' th' D&D Next open playtest after just missin' th' 200 person cut-off fer th' original session
  • I left PAX Saturday night fer a Passover Seder, returnin' later that night fer more PAX
  • I got t' play Pandemic with maties an' beat it in record time
  • I went t' Hudson fer dinner an' arrived too late fer th' pub's kitchen t' be open, so I enjoyed time with maties until th' pub closed, then bought steaks an' some salad an' proceeded t' cook those at th' aforementioned maties' kitchen

The Seder an' th' open playtest were both significant time commitments, but they were both totally worth it. I wore a yarmulke an' read from th' Haggadah at th' Seder, an' I had fun at th' playtest. The highlight o' th' weekend were bein' th' time I got t' spend with me maties both at PAX an' outside it.

I would pay cash dubloons t' see ye in a yarmulke readin' from a Haggadah.

I would be delighted t' accept yer cash dubloons!

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