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Posted on 25 May 2012 by jose


I love to read. I also enjoying owning books. As my shelves have filled up, however, I've come to re-learn the value of having a library nearby. Although I've been living in the Alpharetta area for a little while now, I hadn't managed to visit the local library until late February, when I took my daughter and we both acquired library cards.

I've been taking advantage of the Fulton County lending network to obtain all kinds of books that are out of print or are of unknown enough quality that I would want to read them before committing to buying them. Mostly fiction, though I've slipped in a few non-fiction in there, and while I'm busy enough that I don't get to read books every day like I used to, I've still managed to get through quite a few this year.

I am constantly reading, but it's mostly in the form of online publications/blogs/journalism/technical manuals/software documentation/&c. rather than my preferred form: novels. As a result of my online voraciousness, I feel like I've been neglecting books, so I've started tracking my reading this year. Although I've seen a number of "read X number of books in a year" challenges ranging from 20 to 50, I'm not shooting for a particular target; I'm merely curious as to how many books I actually read, especially now that I'm taking ruthless advantage of my local library.

So far, I've read 12 books. I've got three out from the library at the moment, which should bump me to 15 by mid-June. I've also got a couple of novels I actually bought on my to-read pile, so I could conceivably have read 17 books by mid-year, averaging to around 34 books for the year. That feels low, until I count the number of weeks in a year.

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