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Posted on 27 August 2012 by jose

Six more books since last update, so I'm a bit behind my projected curve. I'm getting Richard Kadrey's latest Sandman Slim tomorrow, and I've just started a book I acquired from my college roommate, but I've also got a nice list of books (and comics/graphic novels) I've culled from wandering through bookstores and pillaging my Wishlist that I hope to acquire from the library.

I'm behind mostly because I've been spending my reading time playing through the Assassin's Creed games. The combination of the platforming and the historical settings have proved irresistible for me. Additionally, I had trouble getting through Ken Dryden's The Game, my sole long-form non-fiction outing of the year so far. I enjoyed the book, but for reasons beyond my understanding, it was a very slow read for me.

I've started attempting to organize our personal library here: I've bought a cheap USB barcode scanner and hooked it up to a program called Tellico, which lets me use various services to look up book metadata given an ISBN. This is naturally imperfect, especially since I want to use it to be able to find books at a glance, as our shelves are doubled up, so I frequently have no idea what books are behind the front row. I've scanned one shelf so far as a test; scanning took about 20 minutes for 45 books, but ensuring that the basic data (and more importantly, a cover image) is there is proving more challenging.

Next up is the Kadrey I mentioned, a Dresden Files novel in November, and after my enjoyment of Brent Weeks's Night Angel trilogy, perhaps I'll check out the Black Prism books.

Authors read so far (year to date):

  • Ausick
  • Budrys
  • Butcher
  • Dryden
  • Foglio(s)
  • Kadrey
  • Kowal
  • Lukyanenko
  • Moon
  • Reynolds
  • Rothfuss
  • Scalzi
  • Weeks

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