Oktoberfest Media

Posted on 12 October 2008 by jose

Over at The Quagmire, Eric writes that he's picked up, among other things, a new Terry Pratchett book. As it turns out, I picked up Pratchett's sequel to Going Postal earlier today after I enjoyed a delicious Sandrine's creme brulee at their booth in Harvard Square, which was turned into a mini-fair to celebrate Oktoberfest.


Posted on 23 August 2008 by jose

I forgot to mention that I finally got my DVD copy of the British sitcom Spaced. It is like geek candy. In a similarly geeky vein, I've been very much enjoying the third season of Venture Brothers.

Between Venture Brothers, the novel Soon I Will Be Invincible, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, which is one of the best things I've seen this summer, I've been covering the root-for-the-villain angle quite well.

I sacrificed some of my hearing to see Brendon Small and Dethklok live. I've also managed to go to the drive-in. Yes, there are still drive-ins.

I thought you were dead...

Posted on 22 August 2008 by jose

Hello, Internets. It's been a while.

I've had quite a busy few months. I've installed a photo gallery that embeds in Drupal (but I think the standalone version is nicer). More photos to come there, but likely at my typical posting pace, which can charitably be described as glacial.


Posted on 22 March 2008 by jose

Hey, you know what's fun? WYSIWYG that isn't.

For my next trick

Posted on 20 March 2008 by jose

Neil was trying to increase the speed of Drupal on one of the New England Region SCCA sites, and he told me about the early success he's had using eAccelerator for caching. So I decided to try it out.

I'm going to Drupalcon!

Posted on 19 February 2008 by jose

I'm looking forward to the first week in March, because I'm going to Drupalcon with my co-workers. I've been using Drupal for almost a year now, so I'm still a relative newbie, but I feel I've learned a lot, and I've gotten to really enjoy hacking on modules and theming using templates. I'm very excited over what I might learn in a couple of weeks.

No Country for Cold Men

Posted on 02 January 2008 by jose

It's probably cold when you can legitimately confuse your car's gear indicator with the temperature display immediately below it. In this particular case, when I left the office, the temperature was only a couple of degrees higher than the number of gears in my car. I shudder to think what the temperature will drop to in a couple more hours. Or maybe I'm just cold.

Updated from Atlanta, using my Wii

Posted on 01 January 2008 by jose

I wanted to see how difficult it would be to update using my Wii, and while challenging, the auto-match makes it easier than I would have thought possible. Coolness.

ETA: space to my title. Also, Gmail is manageable on the Wii, but you really have to play with it to get it to work properly. Still, the Wii got the job done.

Flavor of the month

Posted on 14 December 2007 by jose

I think Silversun Pickups is my new flavor of the month (last month it was Feist). I'd been hearing about them on various blogs I read, and after the umpteenth Wil Wheaton name-drop, regarding how Lazy Eye should be on the Rock Band set list, I decided to check them out. Thanks to YouTube, I heard the song while watching the video, and thought, "eh. A bit Smashing Pumpkins. Not bad. Let's check out the rest of their stuff, see if it's better." And it was. My favorite song: Little Lover's So Polite, followed closely by Waste It On, All the Go Inbetweens, Booksmart Devil, and Creation Lake.

Speaking of Wheaton, his latest book is pretty good. Too short. But like they say, always leave them wanting more.

Where have all my hackers gone?

Posted on 13 December 2007 by jose

Oh, Intarwebs! I didn't mean to abandon you! I owe you Puerto Rico pictures! And Thanksgiving pictures! See, I've just been playing with your cousin over at rpg.hackwater.com, doing some theme hacking. In fact, this week has been my best programming week so far, solving problems and applying fixes left and right. After finishing a medium project at work that had me doing some cool Drupal hacking, I turned to various small issues in my queue that had been getting no play thanks to my focus on the larger project.

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