UserFriendly for the day

Posted on 12 August 2007 by jose

Today's UserFriendly hits the nail on the head. Is that the fat lady singing, or just a high-pitched whine coming from Lindon, UT?

Another WordPress Update

Posted on 12 August 2007 by jose

I finally took some time to update to WP 2.2.2. Naturally, this update broke Democracy again, so I have to go through my mini-hack that lets it work with WP-Cache and figure out what changed from the original 2.0 to 2.2.2. I also have to go through my plugins to figure out what else I broke. I'm starting to feel nostalgic for Drupal's file structure. More on that later.

Four-oh-four to the four nineteen

Posted on 03 March 2007 by jose

Dear 419 scammer,

I've noted in my e-mail inbox that your variation on the Spanish Prisoner con is getting a bit stale, and that as a result, you've upgraded the con to use fake lotteries like the UK national lottery and the European "National" lottery.

Web Standards Checklist

Posted on 12 February 2007 by jose


While rummaging around in my Internet, I discovered a web standards checklist from August 2004 that still seems relevant today. How can you not love a checklist that cites HTML Dog (accessible forms), A List Apart (various), Position Is Everything (CSS hacks, via a hacks thread), and the W3C (various, again)?

Just another resource for the old web-dev toolbox.

Dammit, Debian

Posted on 12 February 2007 by jose

It's been 20 days since Wordpress entered unstable. Why the freeze? I thought we had something special. Coffee?

Actually, I'm still waiting for Wordpress 2.1 to enter Debian testing, so I can try it out on before I go and frag Uh, I mean, deploy it on But I'm getting antsy. I want to play with the new toy, just like everyone else. I could just install from source, but I like having the Debian-sanctioned packages. begins to stir from its long slumber

Posted on 05 February 2007 by jose

Wordpress 2.1 came out a couple of weeks ago, so I'll be installing that here soon. I just have to get my plugins and other custom crap out of the way so that I can put it back after installation.

Took a month off

Posted on 05 January 2007 by jose

Greetings, Googlers! You may be interested in my code samples, my little Google Maps toy, or my self-congratulatory afflatus. Or maybe you're interested in my theory as to why geeks do some of the things they do? If you're here for outdated Benzene information, see the link in the sidebar; I mostly keep that around for sentimental value, so I won't be linking to it from here.

Server Followup

Posted on 27 November 2006 by jose


After running some extremely sophisticated tests (tried a known-good power cord, tried a known-good power supply), I determined that Pestilence needs a new power supply. I took one of my newer machines and unplugged the motherboard power connector; it was long enough to reach Pestilence's motherboard connector, giving the two PCs the look of one car giving the other a jump start. Since a new power supply is a relatively cheap part, I will not be getting the Mini-ITX fanless system I was considering as a replacement.

Home server down

Posted on 13 November 2006 by jose


So the Linux server I use to host from home is down. This is funny because I was discussing just such an occurrence with a co-worker, and when I got home, the server was dead. I suspect a faulty power supply. Or possibly an aged power supply, considering how old this server is. This means most of the little projects I had going on Pestilence (the actual server name) are on hold until I can bring it back up. First, I need to figure out the extent of the damage. I hope the motherboard and cards are OK, as replacing all of these makes no sense on a server this old.

Pythonic, but not prophetic

Posted on 09 September 2006 by jose

I was asked to present sample Python code recently. I figured since it was close to hand, digitally speaking, I might as well put it here as part of my code samples. The code below stems from my attempts to keep my dynamic IP address updated with my DNS provider (Zoneedit, if you're keeping score). That can be tricky sometimes; I've had instances when the Zoneedit DNS servers seem completely unresponsive, so no matter how clever the script, it can't really update anything. This is fairly rare, but extremely frustrating when it occurs.

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