José Alejandro Márquez

Greater Boston, MA

(617) 398-0767


  • Versatile software and web developer with Cloud, open source, and multi-platform experience
  • Talented technical translator fluent in English, Spanish, and German
  • Skilled problem solver, analytical thinker, and effective communicator with background in:
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Open Source Tools
    • W3C Standards Compliance
    • Accessible Web Design
    • Database Design and Management
    • Original Logo/Art Creation
    • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python) Development
    • Cloud DevOps (AWS, Azure, Rackspace Cloud)
    • Content/design best practices
    • Google Apps (Maps, Custom Search) Integration


  • Front-end Javascript (ReactJS, Redux, ES6)
  • Server-side JavaScript (NodeJS, ExpressJS, HapiJS, Sequelize)
  • Javascript toolchain (Yarn, NPM, Webpack, Babel, ESLint, Mocha, Gulp)
  • Drupal CMS
  • GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, SLES), various flavors of Unix (AIX, SCO, SunOS)
  • DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7/8
  • PHP, PHPTemplate, jQuery, XML
  • Apache Web Server (PHP-FPM, FastCGI, WSGI)
  • Git, Subversion, CVS
  • Linux/Unix shell scripting, MS-DOS scripting
  • Python, C, TCL, SQL, Perl
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle 8, MS Access 2000
  • GIMP, Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop, JASC Paint Shop Pro
  • PhpStorm, WebStorm, IntelliJ
  • LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, Emacs, Quanta, Kate, Joe
  • Trados, Interleaf Quicksilver
  • Installation and configuration of hardware ranging from peripherals to microprocessors


Watertown, MA

BlueMetal Architects

Software Engineer

  • Enhanced a nutrition web app in preparation for release as a SaaS offering
    • Built HapiJS microservices and corresponding Sequelize models for new site functionality
    • Rebuilt authentication and authorization system from the ground up to handle new SaaS hierarchy on both front- and back-end
    • Designed a server-side mail notification system using Nodemailer and Cron
    • Created a file uploader for users and admins and integrated with AWS S3 for Cloud-based storage
    • Built a flexible photo editor and coupled it with the S3 file uploading solution
    • Built analytics React components for admins and users using C3 and D3
    • Managed the Heroku infrastructure (Dev/QA/Prod Dynos) for the project
    • Moved from NPM to Yarn for package and build management
  • Collaborated to build a financial services web app in ReactJS, using ES6/ES7 techniques and JSX templates
    • Managed asynchronous REST requests from the Web API .NET backend using Redux and Redux Saga
    • Used SignalR middleware to maintain current data on all connected clients
    • Leveraged Bootstrap as well as custom components and styles
    • Configured the front-end build toolchain, which featured ESLint, Mocha, and Babel, all managed in Webpack local/dev/QA environment configurations
  • Migrated .NET (ASP/C#) site to NodeJS/ExpressJS architecture, maintaining SQL Server backend
    • Designed routing and handling logic for each page, its Sequelize models, and its code-behind C#
    • Created server-side EJS templates for rendering the results of the code-behind logic
    • Created an election-themed poll campaign microsite within the new Node/Express architecture
    • Integrated with an external chatbot and designed the intelligence seeds for the various “personalities” of the chatbot
    • Continue to support existing integrations to external services such as Eloqua
  • Support creation of complex web application with various integration points
    • Development
      • Led Drupal to Salesforce site integration, syncing data via OAuth-based REST API calls
        • Worked closely with the client to determine and refine project requirements
        • Created and supported custom user workflows that passed data from Drupal to Salesforce and back
        • Facilitated SAML single-sign-on solution syncing to Salesforce over the Drupal app
        • Configured custom reports and page layouts in Salesforce for improved client user experience
    • DevOps
      • Set up and administer AWS instances from Dev/QA/Stage to Production
        • Secured RHEL 7 with SELinux and LUKS encryption of EBS volumes for sensitive data
        • Set up Jenkins instance for continuous deployment of Dev instance, push-button for other instances
        • Implemented Redis caching, automated snapshotting, VPC security groups, bastion server
        • Replaced Drupal's default file storage system with S3 bucket-based system

Burlington, MA


Web Developer and Webmaster

  • Implemented multi-phase plan to move from colocated hardware to Rackspace Cloud servers
    • Ensured Cloud migration project requirements were being met
    • Coordinated the conversion of a single colocated webserver into several webservers, some with load-balanced redundancy depending on uptime requirements
    • Cleaned data in monolithic Subversion repo before splitting it into 30+ Github-hosted repos, maintaining history
  • Helped upgrade a MoinMoin wiki farm instance
    • Designed custom wiki theme for all wikis as a sub-theme of an existing MoinMoin theme
    • Migrated PHP-based landing page dynamically listing the wikis to a WSGI page
    • Eliminated server's need for PHP by converting landing page PHP template into Python-based Genshi template
    • Abstracted wikilist for re-use in landing page as well as in main wikifarm settings
  • Led conversion of complex corporate web site to Drupal
    • Content migration
      • Prioritized migration content by update frequency to facilitate phased rollout strategy
      • Created CCK content types to support high priority content import such as Press Releases, Announcements, and Policies
      • Built custom module to support special navigational blocks for migrated news content as well as for individually tagged node revisions
    • User Experience
      • Used Apache's reverse proxy functionality to create consistent user experience when accessing content hosted on different servers across internal and third-party networks
      • Built modules to automate redirect creation for migrated content and provide secure social networking service support
      • Adapted Drupal theme and applied it to reverse proxied legacy content while avoiding time-consuming edits to that content to apply the theme
    • Theming
      • Designed table-less, fluid grid subtheme of Zen theme from scratch
      • Built several Views-driven blocks that organized content via jQuery carousels and tabs
      • Used Megamenus technique to create a friendlier dropdown navigation
    • Administration
      • Added site-use documentation to aid staff in self-serve content management
      • Trained staff in basic Drupal usage for more efficient self-serve content management
      • Created helper administrative pages to facilitate the staff content management workflow
  • Assisted in upgrading eight-year-old membership web application to latest version, now a SaaS solution
    • Applied reverse proxy techniques to integrate external web application with public website
    • Created replication slave database to drive authentication and authorization of external member web apps to work around hosted solution's lack of an API or external access to their databases
    • Rewrote SQL queries to replication slave database for member authentication and authorization on external services like wikis, Subversion repositories, and private mailing lists
    • Refactored shell scripts and related cron jobs to better handle new infrastructure
    • Helped develop exhaustive suite of tests to ensure smooth transition to upgraded membership web app
  • Created web application in PHP to hold a Scottish-style Single Transferable Vote election
  • Built a Drupal 5 site to improve management of events and their presentations
  • Built custom Drupal installation profile for easy site creation and deployment
  • Set up layered spam solution leveraging third-party modules as well as Drupal's role system
  • Administer 25 sites running various versions of the Drupal content management system
  • Develop new sites, web pages, and site features as needed
  • Leverage Drush to more efficiently maintain Drupal installations
  • Perform infrequent content edits and file uploads
  • Maintain single ASP.NET/C# website
  • Brainstorm and problem-solve user requests for structures, layout and troubleshooting
  • Provide incident response and customer service


System Developer and Administrator

  • Updated content on and provided maintenance for a Connecticut-based group's Drupal 7 site
    • Supported a song contest on the site via a public/private SoundCloud embed
    • Performed content updates on out-of-date pages
    • Updated Drupal core and third-party modules to latest versions
    • Debugged site theme's JavaScript
  • Converted a Connecticut-based group's static HTML web site to Drupal 6
    • Set up and configured Drupal site and MySQL database
    • Implemented existing site design as a Drupal 6, Zen 2-based theme
    • Created custom content types using CCK and built views for those content types
    • Designed PHP templates to adjust output of views, content types, and even fields
    • Migrated existing content into Drupal 6
  • Design and maintain web site
    • Upgraded site to Drupal 6 CMS
    • Recreated Wordpress functionality in Drupal 5 via modules and template development, adjusting an existing Drupal 5 themes to suit site accessibility and standards-compliance needs
    • Developed a proof-of-concept XHTML content management system (CMS) using PHP 5 and MySQL
    • Installed and administered Wordpress weblog software to compare against CMS
    • Ensured web pages are accessible and compliant with W3C standards
    • Used PHP to create intelligent, easy to maintain page navigation
    • Organized content by subdomain using Apache virtual hosts
    • Managed content using a MySQL database back-end
  • Migrated site to hosted solution on Debian Linux server
  • Configure and maintain Apache on Linux server
  • Monitor and analyze logs to detect and deter unauthorized access attempts
  • Prior to moving to hosted solution, operated and administered a Debian Linux server
    • Performed hardware and software upgrades
    • Hardened server against intrusion attempts by applying security updates, removing unnecessary software, and closing exposed ports
    • Resolved network connectivity issues at router and server level

Rockland, MA

Inofin Incorporated

Web Application Developer

  • Created and maintained financial web applications written in ASP.NET and VB.NET
  • Provided dsupport for web application users
  • Abstracted business logic by updating existing MSSQL database stored procedures and creating new ones
  • Designed and developed web pages to function as front-ends for web services
  • Performed software QA and functionality testing and implement fixes

Cambridge, MA

Bentley Publishers, Inc./The Information Foundry

Technical Translator and Technical Consultant

  • Translated automotive texts and repair manuals from German to English and Spanish to English using Trados Computer Aided Translation tool
  • Proofread and review documents and texts translated by other translators
  • Performed quality control for various translation databases by eliminating textual and vehicle component errors
  • Delegated translation assignments to translators and edited their translations
  • Developed web pages for new products in accordance with W3C standards
  • Created product excerpt pages and high-resolution and low-resolution images for printing and web viewing
  • Performed software QA and functionality testing for a custom web application by creating a test plan and coordinating with the application developer to implement bug fixes
  • Emulated automotive diagnostic hardware and software on a standard PC by configuring an installation of SCO Unix

Cambridge, MA

Linguistic Systems, Inc.

Technical Translator and Proofreader

  • Translated pharmaceutical documents from German to English
  • Proofread pharmaceutical documents translated from German to English

Reading, MA

Northrop Grumman Information Technology, TASC

Software Engineer, Technical Staff

  • Developed Enterprise Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions for defense contractor as a member of a team-oriented development process
    • Primarily responsible for integrating PTC's Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/INTRALINK MCAD software with the CADIM and Axalant PDM/PLM software
    • Wrote triggers in Pro/I that passed Pro/E MCAD metadata to CADIM via TCL scripts and CADIM's communications interface
    • Defined project requirements and processes with customer and software provider representatives
    • Reviewed code written in the proprietary LogiView language
  • Maintained a bug tracking database developed in CADIM and using Oracle as its back-end

Miami, FL

Florida International University

Intern, Forensic Chemistry Department

  • Researched alternative fingerprinting techniques
  • Tested experimental scent-detection scanning equipment and reported on its viability for forensic fieldwork


Chestnut Hill, MA

Boston College

Bachelor's Degree in German Studies (3.67 GPA)

Magna cum laude; University Honors Program; Dean's List, all semesters; Golden Key National Honor Society; Class of 2001 Sophomore Scholar

Eichstätt, Germany

Katholische Universität Eichstätt

Spring Semester Exchange Program (3.93 GPA)

Munich, Germany

Goethe Institut

Certification Program in German Proficiency


Fluent in English, Spanish, and German

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