Four-oh-four to the four nineteen

Posted on 03 March 2007 by jose

Dear 419 scammer,

I've noted in my e-mail inbox that your variation on the Spanish Prisoner con is getting a bit stale, and that as a result, you've upgraded the con to use fake lotteries like the UK national lottery and the European "National" lottery.

Dammit, Debian

Posted on 12 February 2007 by jose

It's been 20 days since Wordpress entered unstable. Why the freeze? I thought we had something special. Coffee?

Actually, I'm still waiting for Wordpress 2.1 to enter Debian testing, so I can try it out on before I go and frag Uh, I mean, deploy it on But I'm getting antsy. I want to play with the new toy, just like everyone else. I could just install from source, but I like having the Debian-sanctioned packages.

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