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Three Successes

Posted on 17 August 2006 by jose

A List Apart came through for me again, helping me build a two-column ordered list for my resume. Getting it to work in IE was much more difficult, requiring the use of one CSS hack and one clever (if I say so myself) relative position CSS property that allowed me to use relative widths for the two list columns. Testing the code in IE brought a slight rendering problem to my attention: the title widget and white background were not loading correctly in IE, but only for pages, not posts.

Addendum to dynamic plugins

Posted on 08 August 2006 by jose

I ran my page through the W3C's validator and discovered that it was not XHTML 1.0 strict. It had several errors, and tracking these down led me to discover that my hack to get Democracy to play nicely with WP-Cache still had a bug: I was getting a MySQL error in the code for the poll form, where the form action would appear. This didn't interfere with the page rendering (as far as I can tell), so it was invisible until I looked at the source or, better yet, had a validator do it.

Dynamic Plugins and Caching

Posted on 03 August 2006 by jose

How I got the Democracy poll plugin to work with WP-Cache

WP-Cache is a useful plugin. Although I've never been Slashdotted, other people who have and are using Wordpress swear by it. It does have a minor flaw. I have a poll plugin, Democracy, that is obviously supposed to be dynamic. It's rather lame to go to a page, vote on a poll, and not see any results because the page is cached. It turns out that WP-Cache has a mechanism for getting around this, allowing dynamic plugins on static cached pages.

Comment me this, Batman

Posted on 01 August 2006 by jose

I've been thinking about comments. Specifically as they pertain to posts, in threaded vs. flat format. The advantages as I see them:

  • Threaded allows a person to reply directly and obviously to a specific comment in a post. Comments are children not just of the parent post, but also of parent comments.
  • Flat comments allow a person to see comments in a timeline. Comments are children only of the main post.

The disadvantages:

The duality of man

Posted on 10 July 2006 by jose

It's a good day when you get to create and use a variable called $misbegotten_children when patching a plugin to work with PHP5. Too bad the CSS is so hosed as to make it an unworkable plugin; a few tweaks here and there and we'll have threaded comments for everyone!

Moving day

Posted on 08 July 2006 by jose

Hackwater is still being hosted on a Debian Linux server, but it's now being hosted by Dreamhost. I registered to continue to run a development server from my own Linux server, but DNS propagation seems a bit slow, so finding either of these sites is probably going to take a while. My biggest concern is my mail, as I had to play around with the MX records to keep the status quo, well, the status quo. More as this story develops...

Crossing things off

Posted on 23 June 2006 by jose

I've eliminated most of the things in my TODO list from November (yikes, that took a while). Things that are left: books page, music page, other interests page. Perhaps my song and poetry parody page. And naturally, technical issues like getting my header to work cross-platform. With my newly created TODO category, I shouldn't have to resort to kludges to remember what I still have to do. I just need to find all my posts on the subject. Why didn't I think of this earlier?!

New pages, same old header problem

Posted on 23 June 2006 by jose

I recreated my Benzene web page (which was the freshman year Chemistry project that got me started on the web development path). I think I've figured out a way for the pages to link to images and not run into problems when I switch themes; for now, the pretty benzene molecule images are visible, as are the for-a-long-time-broken images in my Links page. The Links images weren't that important, though; the benzene images are much more helpful.

Google Web Server Access Map

Posted on 22 June 2006 by jose

I hacked this together using Ricardo Galli's access map code and modifying it heavily for use on my site. The biggest modification was the upgrade to Google Maps API version 2, which created some minor issues with incompatibilities solved after a careful reading of the new API documentation. This is a map indicating the locations from which this site is being accessed by its visitors.

TODO: Use Drupal's PHP input format to insert map here!! (and don't forget to add it to the primary links)

So far, my international contingent includes Germany, Japan, Canada, China, the Netherlands, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Norway, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, Poland, Slovakia, Monaco, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Andorra, Serbia And Montenegro, Costa Rica, Ireland, Lithuania, Bahamas, Iran, Mexico, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, Denmark, Mauritius, Finland, Pakistan, Somalia, Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, Israel, and Turkey.

Header Woes

Posted on 21 June 2006 by jose

No, this isn't a World Cup post. Although I am enjoying the games, despite the terrible officiating in the Italy-USA match. No, my header woes have to do with Internet Explorer's inability to properly display PNG files. Specifically, transparent PNGs. So the nifty header I created for the Tiga theme header just flew out the window for 80% of my potential visitors. Blast!

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