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Upgrading to Wordpress 2

Posted on 17 January 2006 by jose


I installed Wordpress 2 on my server. I actually installed it twice: once as a clean installation and then as an attempted upgrade installation, in separate directories. It seems like the upgrade process is fairly painless, although since I spent more time tweaking the clean install and I wanted to try a migration, I migrated the upgraded database to the clean install. Since everything seems to be looking good after the migration, I blew away the upgrade database and directory; they were just taking up space.

RPG Navigation

This is an early site navigation I wrote in PHP and HTML for one of my sites. It is NOT the navigation that I currently use on these pages, although it is the basis for the navigation. I suppose it would be the evolutionary parent of the later design. It isn't particularly dynamic, other than the fact that each individual page in the site has exactly the same navigation, and the server takes care of hiding and displaying subsections.

The second coming of Wordpress

Posted on 15 January 2006 by jose


Wordpress 2.0 is out, and I'm itching to try it out. It seems some of my plugins won't work with it (yet), and of course, all the tweaks I did to the PHP files would have to be redone (if necessary), after I inspect the new files. Maybe I should find a way to make those tweaks into a plugin. They're mostly ways to make Wordpress accept my raw HTML when I'm looking to post something with perhaps a touch of Javascript. I think the only places that would be happening anyway is in Pages, and not Posts.

More on Ruby

Posted on 05 January 2006 by jose


Now that I'm studying Ruby, I've got to install more than just the toy Windows installation. So I gotta decide between Ruby 1.8 or 1.9, and whether I want to go with Debian packages or install straight from source. I'm pretty certain I'll want to run Ruby as an Apache module for webserver applications, but I think I should research FastCGI and see if it lives up to the Fast part of its name when compared to compiling/installing a Ruby-Apache module.

Back in Miami

Posted on 22 December 2005 by jose

I'm back home in Miami, having booted my parents' computer to Kubuntu to ssh into Hackwater (I'm lazy and don't want to install PuTTY). The default KDE browser, Konqueror, renders the Wordpress admin pages very poorly. I've also discovered that my site doesn't look too good on Konqueror or, on a Windows machine, at high resolution (1280x1024). The problem is that at home in Massachusetts, I can't get my resolution up that high for testing. But it looks like I've got some CSS hacking to do to get the site looking good.

Clever hacks on top of kludgy code

Posted on 17 December 2005 by jose

Because I've been blogging on Wordpress, it appeared that on the main Hackwater site, I hadn't updated in months. I decided that since the Wordpress posts were all in a table, wouldn't it be cool if the main Hackwater site stopped grabbing its data from the original Hackwater database, and start grabbing it from the Wordpress one? Yes, yes it would. What with playing with Drupal and Wordpress, among other things, I hadn't taken a look at my Hackwater code.

Oh, boy.

It's ugly.


Posted on 15 December 2005 by jose

I noticed, much to my chagrin, that after all these months, my permalinks weren't pretty permalinks like they were supposed to be. I tweaked the Wordpress configuration and had a talk with my Apache configuration, and all seems to be right with the world.

Also, I added a poll to my sidebar instead of fixing an issue in my TODO list. Ooops.


Posted on 14 December 2005 by jose


I've been moving (and developing) this site to (and on) Wordpress, which is sort of hidden right now. The new site is theoretically accessible, but I'm not switching over to the new site until I'm done moving my pages and fixing how it looks.

NOTE: If this site looks really low-tech (i.e., text-only), it probably means that I'm physically at my server (or at least within my LAN) and making changes/updates; I have to make Wordpress point at my internal network to not get redirected to my router, which happens to not be my server.

Popping kernels

Posted on 08 December 2005 by jose

I've installed the 2.6 Linux kernel on my server. Actually, I installed the Debian kernel right from the package repository a couple of weeks ago, but I knew I was going to have to customize and compile my own eventually, as my sound card wouldn't work otherwise. Naturally, when I installed 2.6, the nvidia drivers for my video card stopped working, as they expected the 2.4 kernel. I tried to get these drivers working again on 2.6, and initially they did (with the Debian kernel).

Wordpress TODO list

Posted on 28 November 2005 by jose

Created November 27th, 2005

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