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Do Over Is Live

Posted on 15 March 2005 by jose


Moved the redesigned site from dev to the main domain, as it looks like it is ready to go. The old design is now what you see if you go to Contact me if there's something that looks odd. Added a teeny bit of content to the new interests page, just so there's something there. Coming up next: a short essay in my articles section. Plus more backend development.

Do Over?

Posted on 22 February 2005 by jose


Another month, another site redesign. This one is only half-done, but to see a preview of things to come, check out my new development subdomain:

Admin Via Remote

Posted on 20 January 2005 by jose


I'm back from Miami, and my brother is safely married. While down there, I got to test my ssh setup in a real-life situation: trying to remotely administer the server while 1500 miles away. I was able to do software updates, mount my shared Windows folders via samba, and transfer large files from the Windows machine to the machine in Miami.

Now with MySQL-served content!

Posted on 07 December 2004 by jose


I'm starting to move the site from serving content as flat-file + PHP to serving it as MySQL + PHP. At the moment, the front page is a behemoth, containing every update since I started running the server. All of these updates are already stored in MySQL; what I want to do next is to start archiving the oldest updates and have MySQL serve these out by date if they aren't already on the front page. I could do a crude hack and get this working immediately, but I don't feel like exposing my server to SQL injection attacks.

Walking through installations

Posted on 09 November 2004 by jose


I've written a walkthrough describing how I upgraded from PHP 4 to PHP 5 on my Debian system. I normally use Debian's package management system (aka apt|aptitude|synaptic|kpackage) to obtain, install, and maintain software. In this case, however, I didn't have that option. Although there are unofficial Debian packages out there for PHP 5, they depend on Apache 1, and I've got the Debian installation of Apache 2. Unless I modify the already unofficial package, or switch to Apache 1, I would have to install from source.

Lighting the LAMP

Posted on 02 November 2004 by jose


A lot of new developments over the past two months. Most are behind-the-scenes changes; for example, I upgraded from PHP 4 to PHP 5. I'm also serving out content from MySQL. That's right, folks; the LAMP is on! LAMP being Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Style, class, but no id

Posted on 30 August 2004 by jose


The RPG pages are now completely converted to the new style. I've still got to validate them as xhtml compliant, but I don't anticipate too many problems there. I hacked together some PHP code to handle the menu; it probably could be more elegant, but it's not bad for my first serious effort. Take a look at the code and let me know what you think.

Subdomaining, propagating

Posted on 17 July 2004 by jose


I moved my RPG pages to their own subdomain; you can get to them by following the link on my external links page or by going to my RPG pages directly.

PHP conversion

Posted on 07 July 2004 by jose

I converted my entire site to PHP, which doesn't really mean much, since it'll render as XHTML to everyone who doesn't have access to my server. But aside from a couple of broken links, it worked straight off: dynamic navigation through a PHP-generated menu, content served from a separate html file, and I've enabled UTF-8 as the default charset in Apache, so my umlauts show up correctly.

In which I finally get my server operational

Posted on 02 July 2004 by jose

Lots of exciting news: I've got a Gmail account! A good friend sent me an invite, so now I can take my new 1 GB Google account for a spin. More importantly, my Linux web server is operational, running Debian Sarge, Apache 2, and PHP 4. There won't be any real changes to this page, though, until I get a top-level domain and Dynamic DNS service. Until then, this page will continue to be hosted by Earthlink.

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