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Fundamental Theorem of Geek Laziness

I've been thinking about laziness and geeks (instead of packing and sleeping before my trip to New Jersey tomorrow/today). Geeks are fundamentally lazy. We hate wasting time by duplicating effort. I think this is why so many of us are drawn to programming. We're creating automated processes and reusable tools that can reduce the amount of work we will have to do and the amount of time that work will take at some point in the future.

RPG Navigation

This is an early site navigation I wrote in PHP and HTML for one of my sites. It is NOT the navigation that I currently use on these pages, although it is the basis for the navigation. I suppose it would be the evolutionary parent of the later design. It isn't particularly dynamic, other than the fact that each individual page in the site has exactly the same navigation, and the server takes care of hiding and displaying subsections.

PHP 5 Upgrade Walkthrough

Upgrading to (or installing) PHP 5 on a Debian testing system running Apache 2 and MySQL.

DISCLAIMER 0: This walkthrough was written in 2004, when Debian stable was still Woody and testing was Sarge. At that time, PHP 5 was not available even for testing (Sarge), a situation that has since changed. As a result, this walkthrough is basically obsolete; it is now fairly easy to install PHP 5 and Apache 2 and MySQL 5 on Debian using whichever variant of apt is favored.


February 25, 1998

Benzene Lewis Structure
Lewis structure
Benzene Kekule Structure Benzene Hybrid Structure
Kekule structure, left, and Benzene hybrid structure, right

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