Has it really been a month?

Posted on 05 October 2007 by jose

So after a month of playing around in the Drupal back end, theming and adding modules, I'm back to creating content. I've decided to get rid of the hierarchy that still need to get a nice camera to aid in the food adventures feature, and who knows? It may lead to some other
picture posts. I've been looking at the Lightbox module, for example... Imagine a Lightbox block with a randomly generated thumbnail. It could be pretty slick.

Staring down the Bazooka

Posted on 30 September 2007 by jose

I've been heavily using Drupal for a couple months now, and I've finally absorbed enough to start troubleshooting the various migration issues that occurred when I went from Wordpress to what I'm playfully referring to as The Bazooka (because there's just so much you can do, and so many modules if you can't do something; it's amazing, and as I originally assessed years ago when I wanted a blogging platform, almost too powerful. Almost).

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