Of maps and men

Posted on 01 February 2006 by jose

I've embedded a Google Map on this site after raiding Ricardo Galli's blog for his code (and getting an API key, etc.). It's basically a graphical visualization of my server access log, showing how puny my hits really are. It's buggy, but it's up.

Now With More Sidebar!

Posted on 10 July 2005 by jose

I've done Yet Another Site Re-design. I've added a sidebar for easier entry navigation, which played around with the way CSS floats behaved in Firefox and IE. I believe I've got most of those bugs ironed out, but now the archive navigation needs a re-write. Right now, the code is pretty messy; I'd like to go through and refactor it all. I'm tempted to completely re-write it, as the sidebar adds an interesting wrinkle: right now, the sidebar is generated from the id and subject line of the latest 10 entries. But I'd like to see if I can reduce the number of times MySQL is accessed.

Google, Ruby and Rails

Posted on 14 June 2005 by jose

I've been hearing a lot about Ruby as a programming language, and Rails as a Ruby-based web development framework. Today I saw that had a feature on Ajax on Rails. Ever since I started using GMail and Google Maps, I've had an interest in Ajax.

In which I finally get my server operational

Posted on 02 July 2004 by jose

Lots of exciting news: I've got a Gmail account! A good friend sent me an invite, so now I can take my new 1 GB Google account for a spin. More importantly, my Linux web server is operational, running Debian Sarge, Apache 2, and PHP 4. There won't be any real changes to this page, though, until I get a top-level domain and Dynamic DNS service. Until then, this page will continue to be hosted by Earthlink.

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