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Posted on 29 August 2007 by jose


Bill, husband of the aforementioned awesomest librarian Colleen, matches his wife in awesomeness: today he gifted me with a copperplate engraving of a map of Bavaria. Although difficult, because the map is circa 17th century, I was able to locate Munich, Eichstätt, and Ingolstadt. This needs to be framed and hung on my walls ASAP. To re-iterate: Bill is awesome.

It's also a nice reminder that I need to restore my Google map, after breaking its functionality to convert to Drupal. Well done me.

Took a month off

Posted on 05 January 2007 by jose

Greetings, Googlers! You may be interested in my code samples, my little Google Maps toy, or my self-congratulatory afflatus. Or maybe you're interested in my theory as to why geeks do some of the things they do? If you're here for outdated Benzene information, see the link in the sidebar; I mostly keep that around for sentimental value, so I won't be linking to it from here.

Google Web Server Access Map

Posted on 22 June 2006 by jose

I hacked this together using Ricardo Galli's access map code and modifying it heavily for use on my site. The biggest modification was the upgrade to Google Maps API version 2, which created some minor issues with incompatibilities solved after a careful reading of the new API documentation. This is a map indicating the locations from which this site is being accessed by its visitors.

TODO: Use Drupal's PHP input format to insert map here!! (and don't forget to add it to the primary links)

So far, my international contingent includes Germany, Japan, Canada, China, the Netherlands, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Norway, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, Poland, Slovakia, Monaco, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Andorra, Serbia And Montenegro, Costa Rica, Ireland, Lithuania, Bahamas, Iran, Mexico, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, Denmark, Mauritius, Finland, Pakistan, Somalia, Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, Israel, and Turkey.

Mapper Template

Posted on 07 June 2006 by jose

I created a Page Template for the Tiga theme I'm currently using. I'm calling it Mapper, because it's the hook that will load my Google map page once I upgrade to the new API. Basically, I copied Tiga's page.php file and added an include to the PHP file that will actually load the map.

Gah! June already?

Posted on 03 June 2006 by jose

Time sure flies when you're buried under an avalanche of work. I'm trying out a new theme for June, called Tiga. I think it's pretty good looking, for a theme, and I like how it organizes the different blog sections.

Map Outage Continued

Posted on 14 April 2006 by jose

Google Maps updated its API to version 2 on April 3, 2006. Trying to get my head around the changes (and possibilities of the new features). Also? Taxes suck.

Map Outage

Posted on 05 April 2006 by jose

The map page is broken until I can figure out why Google and Wordpress don't want to play together.

More Map Tweaks

Posted on 24 February 2006 by jose

At first, it seemed my vainglorious attempt to list my international (web site) hits would be a disaster: the access map page was not part of the Wordpress structure, and editing it was not as easy as it could have been. More importantly, even though I could greet those visitors on my Wordpress pages, which would get pushed to the main Hackwater page, the XML file listing all my hits geographically was not the easiest to read, as I wasn't doing any filtering (all my US hits were crowding out the relatively few international ones).

Not so quick update

Posted on 08 February 2006 by jose

I finally got website hits from below the equator (hello, Kiwis and Aussies!) and also got hits from Korea and Norway. Greetings all. I guess this means I need to update the map page. I think it's really cool that I can use Google Maps to get a vague idea of where my visitors come from, even the indexing spiders. (I realize that, which does my IP to geographic coordinate conversions is not the most accurate in the world, but I have to assume that it can at least get countries correctly.

Of maps and men

Posted on 01 February 2006 by jose

I've embedded a Google Map on this site after raiding Ricardo Galli's blog for his code (and getting an API key, etc.). It's basically a graphical visualization of my server access log, showing how puny my hits really are. It's buggy, but it's up.

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