Xajax and Testing

Posted on 29 August 2006 by jose

I've installed the xajax library for PHP. It's part of my nefarious plan to play around with Ajax outside of the Google Maps API. Unfortunately, I don't really have any forms that need dynamic validation right now. Maybe I can make one up. I've also been looking at unit testing frameworks for PHP.

Back in Miami

Posted on 22 December 2005 by jose

I'm back home in Miami, having booted my parents' computer to Kubuntu to ssh into Hackwater (I'm lazy and don't want to install PuTTY). The default KDE browser, Konqueror, renders the Wordpress admin pages very poorly. I've also discovered that my site doesn't look too good on Konqueror or, on a Windows machine, at high resolution (1280x1024). The problem is that at home in Massachusetts, I can't get my resolution up that high for testing. But it looks like I've got some CSS hacking to do to get the site looking good.

Google, Ruby and Rails

Posted on 14 June 2005 by jose

I've been hearing a lot about Ruby as a programming language, and Rails as a Ruby-based web development framework. Today I saw that ONLamp.com had a feature on Ajax on Rails. Ever since I started using GMail and Google Maps, I've had an interest in Ajax.

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